JUL 09 2023

Commissions Requests

What is Artistree.io? Artistree is a new platform for digital artists to communicate with clients in a secure and simple format. Each commission is paid in full to the artist, and a portion of the platform's fee that is added to the total helps support the Eden Reforestation Project.

How does it work? What does a client do? The client selects their choice from the commission menu, then proceeds to the next page where they provide their name, an email they can be reached at, a description of their request, and supply any reference images that will be needed.

I read over the request, and when I feel that I can provide a proper quote for the finished piece, I will accept. Once the invoice is paid, I begin work. Sketches will be provided and we have the option to discuss the commission on the platform. Each time I provide an update, you will be notified by email. This is also how you will be informed that your piece is finished. Artistree will provide you with a link where you can download your files.

Do people requesting art need to make an account on Artistree? Only the artist needs an account. The client can use their legal name if they choose, or they're welcome to use a screenname, but I and Artistree will need a way to address you. More importantly, choose an email address that you will be able to access and check regularly.

What is the queue? Will my information be on display? The public queue is there so clients and potential future clients can see how many projects I am currently working on. No client information is listed on the public queue, only the type of commission and where it is at in the process. Only I will be able to see who has requested what in each given commission type.

JUL 09 2023

Support me on Patreon

Become a patron and receive early access and news for all of my creations before anyone else! On my patreon page you will find a mix of fandom and original creations. Each month I release a coloring page for all patrons for personal use, which can't be found anywhere else. Patrons are encouraged to share their finished pieces if they wish.

There are six tiers to choose from, and pledges can be adjusted at any time if a patron wishes to upgrade or downgrade to another tier. Each tier has its own specific benefits, and higher tiers will include the same benefits. Previous examples of benefits include first looks at art, art process walkthroughs, high resolution art, digital stickers, puzzles, and organization templates.

There are also two tiers that offer patron-requested artwork. These are limited in availability and will display how many spots are open.

Please note that you will be charged the day you sign up, and then the first day of each month after that! For example, if you join the $5 tier on the 28th of the current month, you'll be charged on the 28th, then on the 1st. If you would rather not be charged twice so quickly, I would recommend that you hold off on pledging until the first of the next month. All previous posts on your chosen tier will be available to look through regardless of when you pledge.

We now have a patron-only Discord server! It's a small server where we can get together and hang out. There are patron-specific channels where I'll talk about any future ideas, and you can join in the discussion in real time. We have daily questions, as well as resources for creatives. Need to work on something and want some accountability? Join a sprint with other server members and we can cheer each other on! Patrons can also share their own projects within the channels, if they wish.

JUL 08 2023